The Effects of Divorce on Kids

Probably, one of the more frequently asked questions concerning family life over the past two decades has been, “is divorce bad for children?” Although this may appear to be a fairly simple question, there are really three questions that need to be addressed before any conclusions can be reached. In this article, we will explore those three issues and provide some advice for those that are currently or previously married and are seeking a divorce or are dating someone who is getting divorced.

The first question deals with the issue of coping skills. Children of divorce tend to have fewer coping skills than their peers. However, one should not look to parental behavior as the sole indicator of these issues. While one could point to a troubled former spouse, a history of abuse, or an unstable home life as a possible contributor, one should also take into account the lack of effective coping skills demonstrated by the child.

Another issue, parents need to consider is mental health. Children of divorce often have difficulty adjusting to changes in their family relationships and their parenting patterns. Divorce and separation can be a stressful event and can have a negative impact on kids. If both parents have been functioning in an effective manner, then adjustment disorder should not be an issue. However, if either parent was displaying dysfunctional behavior or if the child was showing signs of distress, then the issue may be a different story.

Finally, in terms of helping kids deal with the changes in their family and home environment, it is important to address some gender issues. Many studies have shown that girls of divorcing parents have higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression than girls who stay intact. Boys fare somewhat better in these situations; however, they still experience increased levels of anxiety and depression. Because girls are more likely to have similar concerns, such as sexual orientation and gender identity, they are often the victims of violence when it occurs within their families.

There are many children who are affected by the changes in their homes during the divorce process. This may worry children who see their parents arguing all the time. They may worry that one parent is mad because the other parent wants them to change or vice versa.

When children experience this level of emotional distress, they may lose a lot of. They may become scared of fighting, since they fear their parent will get angry. They may also start to withdraw from activities they used to enjoy. All of these behaviors can lead to significant difficulties with school work and relationships. In addition to seeking professional help, parents must take action to minimize and remove the stress and emotional distress from their children.

Studies show that intact families, where both parents are involved in raising the children, fare better than divorced ones. This is why professionals recommend that parents who have decided to separate should attempt to stay together. This is the best way to minimize the effects of the separation on children.

The next time parents decide to get a divorce, they should seek professional help. It is possible to lessen the impact of the divorce on the kids and maintain strong relationships with each parent. Divorce is never easy for any family, but it is particularly hard on kids. A good divorce attorney will be able to provide his clients with the best legal representation and advice to make sure that their kids do not experience the hardships experienced by their friends and classmates. This type of personal and professional help can make the experience much easier for all parties.