There was a time when strong family bond existed in almost every family. People viewed marriage as a relationship that lasted forever. The divorce rate was extremely low then. Slowly with time, people’s lifestyles changed. Women’s job role changed from being just a homemaker to a working independent lady. Unlike before, women now make major household decisions just like men and express their opinions strongly instead of compromising in many situations. People often get into complex relationships which affect their married life. The divorce rate is now high.

Divorce creates an imbalance in families. If the couple doesn’t have any child then they can easily start a new life. However, if they have children, divorce affects the children’s lives. The children then have to live with either parent and often have step brothers and sisters. They don’t get the care they would if the parents were still married. Higher divorce rate poses great problems in the society. This blog is about divorce. You will find articles related to this topic to help you the reasons why people get divorced, the consequences it has on family and society and lots more.