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4 tips for finding a good divorce lawyer

Divorce can be devastating. It is a very stressful journey and people find it difficult to cope with the situation. When you think of divorce, you need to find a good divorce lawyer. The lawyer can help you get your claims and rights after the divorce. Here are some tips for finding a good divorce lawyer.

Do research

You should spend time in doing research about divorce lawyers. First of all, you will need to understand the process of divorce yourself so that you know how your lawyer can help you. Then you can find suggestions about good divorce lawyers online.


Ask your friends or colleagues whether they know of any good divorce lawyer. One of your colleagues may have gone through the process of divorce recently and he or she can recommend you a good lawyer.

Know the credentials

You should learn about the credentials of the lawyer. You should make sure that the lawyer is an expert in family law and can help you deal with problems related to financial arrangements and child custody. Yous should check the lawyer’s rate of success in this matter.


You should hire an experienced lawyer. They will have a better insight and they can help solve your problems faster. So, find out how many years of experience the lawyer has in this field.

Before you finalize your divorce lawyer, you should meet the lawyer. You should be comfortable talking to the lawyer about your personal problems. This way you will be able to find a good divorce lawyer to help you go through the process of divorce.

3 co-parenting tips after divorce

Divorce is a stressful journey for the couple. But it is worse for the children. Couples often forget what goes through their children during or after the process of divorce. Many divorces end in a nasty way. You still need to put yourself together for the good of your children and try to focus on them. Co-parenting after a divorce can be a difficult job. But you need to do it for a better future for your child. Here are some co-parenting tips that can help you.

Be compassionate

No matter how much you dislike the situation, but you need to meet your ex even after divorce for the sake of your child. The divorce may have occurred due to betrayal or abuse and it can be very difficult to see or talk to the person who has caused you such pain. Still, you will have to do it. You should see things from your child’s perspective. Your child needs the love and support of both the parents. So, you should be compassionate and try to have a different perspective on your ex.

Set boundaries

You should set clear boundaries on what should be done and what shouldn’t. You should decide with your ex where to pick up or drop the child, whether your ex will have keys to your house, how long the child can stay with your ex, where can they go, etc. Deciding on these can help you in co-parenting.

Let things go

You may not have the same beliefs or values like your ex. Your ex may be handling your child in a different way than you would have wanted. But after divorce, you don’t have any control over your ex’s behavior. So, let things go. Don’t worry about it. When your child is with you try to take care of him or her in your way and teach them values that you believe in.

If necessary, you should get professional help. Counseling may help in better co-parenting. You will need to work together with your ex so that your child has a healthy life and a bright future.

4 common reasons why people get divorced

Divorce is now very common. Abou 40% to 50% of marriages in the US ends up in divorce. This is a very frightening statistics. There are many reasons why people get divorced. Here are the most common reasons for it.


When couples cheat, it ends the marriage. People meet lots of other people in the workplace or outside. The social media has made it very easy to make friends. When a partner gets involved in an extramarital affair, the marriage ends. Even one-night stands can end the marriage. Sometimes, people seek friendship from other people because of lack of emotional or physical connection with the partner. This can lead to extramarital affairs.

Financial problems

People try to live in a way so that there is no financial stress in the family. If there is a difference between the spending and saving habits of couples, it can create a problem. Financial problems in the family can lead to lots of stress and arguments. Sometimes, if one partner earns more than the other it hurts their ego and can create a problem in marriage as well. When a partner spends money irrationally, the marriage may break due to financial problem.


Drug addiction problem can ruin a marriage. An addicted person often becomes abusive. They try to get money for buying drugs creating financial problems in the family. They have trouble in the workplace and find it difficult to maintain relationships. They lose their mental stability and it can end the marriage.


Each person comes from a different background. They have different values and beliefs. Two people start living together because they have something in common. However, when there are lots of differences in religious or cultural values it can affect the way you raise your children or take major family decisions. Incompatibility can lead to divorce.

Marriage is a strong bond and you need to understand each other to raise a family. When there are constant differences and disputes in the marriage, it can end up in divorce.